MW3 Juggernaut

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] MW3 Juggernaut.
[tab]Description:[/tab] Juggernaut from MW3. Comes in three flavors: original, ally, and explosive.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod and an IQ over 5.
[tab]Notes:[/tab] Model has five finger posing, skingroups, and that’s practically it.
[tab]Credits eh:[/tab] Original Models, Textures: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games
Ripping: luxox_18
Rigging: TehAgentGuy[/release]
Some misc images:

[sub][sub][sub][sub][sub][/sub]And please no playermodels and NPCs.[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub]

Oh very snazzy, Awesome job bro.

It would be nice if I had the assault variant too.

Great work, fucking epic.

All Right!!:smile:

They seem like a swell group of guys.

Awesome. Nice to see some of skins!

holy shit they remind me of football players

That’s great job!

oh,. That’s Great JOB !!

Wow… Awesome!

Awesome! Good job.

I wonder why do I have to fire 3 LMG mags to kill a NPC juggernaut, but one AR mag can kill a player in a juggernaut suit.

Because only people with a rare allergic reaction to bullets can be selected to obtain a license to wear a Juggernaut Suit, and this reaction makes their vision go blurry and kills them.

The people who take three LMG mags to kill obtained their licenses illegally, as they aren’t actually allergic to bullets.

Because it’s CoD.

Lovin’ it!!.jpg

Knife party in his ass lol

The link’s broken, just letting you know.

Links always get broken unless it’s often downloaded or Favorited by many people.
but depends on upload site.

Anyone has a mirror for this? I really want to download it…