MW3 Makarov's Inner Circle

And now, for something *nobody *has been waiting for: It’s the Inner Circle (of cunts) from Modern Warfare 3. I know they look like generic as fuck PMC baddudemens, but to me, they look just unique enough to be ported. I got their hockey mask from MP as well, both the white and green ones.

Also, despite the fact that the models themselves aren’t all that resource heavy, I put in 63 fucking facemaps. That’s right. 63 fucking facemaps, because variety is a terrible thing not to have. So that’s why the .rar is quite large.

And right now I just wanna give a shout-out to my norweigan negro Ninja Nub for providing me with the ArmA 3 heads, thus saving me from resorting to using the Dunnie head, and my g-money Bloocobalt for helping me fix the normals on these guys because they were height maps. Without him, I would’ve been forced to stick to the woefully shit ones I made. I know some of you also tried to help with this issue, and there were a lot of you so i’m sorry that I can’t remember, but pat yourselves on the back for being such great people.

But enough of me rambling, here’s some pics made by some of you ~delightful~ people:[/t]

And finally, the link so you may OBTAIN THE BADMEN.

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Oh and if there are any problems, please let me know.

Despite their awful detail-pasted textures, they were always one of the cooler aesthetics in COD PMCs.

very sexy release ft, excelent job as always

Yea…you finally did it.

Amazing release as always, FT.

Awesome job pal!

Good shit man.


Impressive Release comrade!

Another sexy release FT, here’s some of the stuff I did with them.[/t]

Fancy, the hockey masks from MP are a nice addition.

Awesome as always.

Awesome sexy release FT. Awesome job

FT is my hero

Great release yet again!

Amazing. Love the hockey masks.


I can’t seem to find the spawnlist. Maybe I installed them wrong. You just stick them in a folder in addons and add an addon .txt, right?

In the search bar under spawnlist type “Inner” and it should show…