MW3 ragdolls request

I would like it if someone could make ragdolls for Gmod out of the following files:

Also, yes, I am aware that H4lf-D3ad did some models similar to these, but I just didn’t like having only a few models and having to screw around with the bodygroups, so if someone could just port these with all the gear and whatnot already on them, that would be appreciated.

If you don’t like playing with bodygroups, you can always decompile the models, put them in the configurations you want and compile them again. If not, then get used to using bodygroups.

Also, all of these models have been ported, just use your imagination and a google browser.

Mind telling me how I would go about decompiling, configuring, and re-compiling the models? I have absolutely NO experience with this kind of thing.

Come on, all I want are a few models. Can anyone help here?

You can get some CSS MW3 models, which have gear and no need for bodygroups

Ah, thanks.

No problamo