MW3 Russian Soldier Ragdolls

I would like to request some Russian commando and paratrooper ragdolls from MW3 for Garry’s Mod. They should preferably be rigged to the Valve biped so I can make NPCs from them. They should also be flexible enough for easy posing but not TOO flexible. Below are some pictures for reference, and here are some models, if that helps.

These two will do. The second one doesn’t have such flexible physics, but those can be easily replaced.

There is a CSS skin here with a different gasmask and some fully gloved hands, but someone would have to hex it, give it some more flexible physics, and do the various camos.

Neither of those are rigged. I’m trying to make NPCs. Besides those don’t include the commando troops.

Have you even tried them?

Actually I did. I tried several before even starting this thread, and I have tried those before.

You do realize they are rigged on Valve Skeleton? And he sent the link for the commando in the last link.

Are you retarded?

No offense, but I would rather see these guys re-rigged.

Half-Dead did a pretty shoddy job at these guys.


There’s no point of bumping request thread.stop doing that or the entire fp will judge you.