MX vs ATV reflex models

I was playing MX vs ATV reflex today and I realized that, if it was possible to port the models, we could probably get some high quality motocross bikes and ATVs, motocross racers, all sorts of dirt motosport vehicles.

Reflex is now on PC, you can get it on Steam. I was hoping somebody with more expertise could look into the files and see if they can be ripped. What I’m really looking for is the motocross bikes, and that motocross helmet.

It’d also be cool to get a Motorcross rider Ragdoll

Under ‘MX vs ATV Reflex\Database’ there’s tons of .package and .database files. Stuff like


Anyone know how to unpack these files?

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Looking into something called ‘dx ripper’, which apparently works for MX vs ATV reflex (according to XeNTaX)

im probably really late to this party

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doing anything ripping wise is a fucking pain in the ass when you don’t have 3DS max

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i’ve got all the .rip files but RIP Importer 2 is being a shitdick and it’s importing nothing


no idea how to fix this, tried everything i could think of

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nevermind, i was using the wrong compiler

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im seriously the least apt / equipped person to be doing this rn

Okay well, I’m pretty terrible at this, but I have the .rips and the textures here:

Included are the meshes and textures for Josh Grant and his MX bike

I’ve assembled Josh Grant and found his textures, in .obj and .tga format.

Think somebody could port this to GMOD?

If the other riders are just recolors of the same guy then who ever ports him could probably skin group different outfits.

Hey guys! Any progress on ripping or porting MX vs ATV Reflex?

I’d like to rip full stadiums with all grouped meshes, only way to do that seems to be with Dx Ripper.
But it always crashes on game startup. Got any ideas? Thanks