My 1st releaseable MBT

Put bluntly, this is my Panther MBT, the first one I feel like releasing. Before you go and compare me to Satyria or Sax (MacHaddock), they have built dozens of these - this is my 2nd complete one. I figured I’d show some pics to see what people think and what I need to improve in.

Note that some of these pics are old and it has been minorly edited, but the model is pretty much the same.

Pics (dupe will come if/when I’m done and people want it enough)

The turret should be shorter and the back is awfully boxy.

Re-colour + material, that green is awful (2 dark for starters, can’t see any detail)

I have seen both of these on the server and i think they look great for first time. I would make the wheels bigger on the first one, but you did a good job.

Looks pretty ugly if you ask me. It looks like a big black box with a gun on it. Brighten her up.

See if you can shrink it, too, because as it is that thing is just a big target.

I can’t even see it lol.

Do we need that many screenshots to see an ugly tank?

lolwut :open_mouth: Sax =/= me :frowning:

also, tank looks pretty cool but I’d say, go with what Treelor said. See if you can shrink it, because as it is that thing is just a big target. Anyway, when I turned my gamma way up I could see some shapes that I like on the turret, but again, try to shrink it down a bit.

Good job none the less.

Its like Fight Club, you are the same person but you don’t know (spoiler max)

The one with the bigger wheel is much better, if you would make the turret smaller. Add more detail, too, at the moment it’s just a big green blob. If you’re going to make wheel treads, make sure they are an appropriate size relative to the tank, otherwise it looks retarded.

I’d say, a valiant attempt. Not bad for a first, like OneMang Clangz said. Listen to Treelor and Mac. For us to judge it we need to see it. :frowning:


Eh, ok I guess.

Low for the standards 'round these parts but oh well. :clint: