My 2 cents on Gamma and macros

If I released a hack with these features it would probably be considered by most as a hack and cheat. and that i should be banned for using it.

however if i do it with turning up gamma or using macros to achieve the same thing, some people suddently consider it to be **OK **and not cheating. Which is like saying it is OK to aimbot as long as you don’t use a 3rd party program for it.


right, forgot to draw crosshair aswell.

I guess the difference is

injectable hacks vs macros

vac cant detect macros therefore in community it seems that macros are legal and injectable programs are illegal

only because of vac

Agreed, which is ofcourse ridiculous.

vac can’t detect making a base inside a foundation but sure as hell it’s considered a cheat/exploit anyway, i don’t know why the ones i mentioned aren’t aswell for so many people.

Cool… So why not just respond to the two threads about this on the forums front page?

There’s already two ongoing threads discussing the gamma thing, and another two threads regarding macros. Even if I might agree with the OP, this is a bullshit thread.

Well… this is something i really wish the devs could fix, aswell as the grass.on false command, but it is probably not gonna happen unfortunately… i have recently started increasing my gamma a bit, only because of the incredible amount of deaths i have, from people who has their gamma at like +3.
The same goes for disabeling grass. I really love the effect of the grass, and the ability to hide in it, but after i have got killed by people who disables grass, i really don’t wanna have grass on anymore…

TL;DR playing fair gives a HUGE disadvantage, but can probably not get fixed.

there is something that can be done as i believe Treyarch did something in their code for blackops on console the were able to detect the controllers input using their code to ban people using modded controlers.

Of cause Facepunch could spend all the time they have devloping code to decect this type of stuff but it’s alpha (yes i said it) and that stuff can be added later

Macros at keyboards or mouses are not injected into the game files,which makes them legal.You can grab a pencil and draw crosshair on your monitor.That’s not a cheating too.

VAC is not your big daddy.This is why admins exist on community servers.If someone is griefing,VAC cannot do anything about it.Because current condition of the game allows it however,admins can prevent this.

Seriously this is the 4th topic i witnessed that “omg gamma compared to aimbot logic”.You do not need to create a topic for that,just type your thoughts about it, at one of the current avaliable threads.

Gamma can be changed from via monitor or tv settings.

I have a really nice monitor that has a “night mode” built into it. I will be damned if I don’t use it.

autoclicking is built into so many mice these days and is so insanely easy to obtain and insanely easy to counter as well, literally all you have to do is make a script that checks how fast they’re clicking and temporarily slow it down or slow the shooting down to only as fast a human can click. If people exploit that lacking of a script, its really the devs fault. Just like how devs have to fix being able to glitch into a rock.

and countering recoil, you don’t need “Hacks” or programs to counter that, tons of people can automatically cancel recoil by looking down

I don’t even know why you people are bitching about it. You can’t achieve aimbotting and speedhacking tier anything by getting good at something.

That it’s the devs fault doesn’t justify the thought process that it is not cheating.

also i consider night vision and crouch running to be pretty severe

Even with that example you can not be VAC or cheatpunched banned, but the server admin will probably ban you from that individual server.

Worrying about this is not worthwhile, there is really nothing that can be done from an anti cheat standpoint. The developers want to address the Macro issues but will never be able to do much about gamma.

Welcome to the wonderful world of PC gaming, this stuff happens and will always happen.

This question is serious :

Are you retarded?

Vac is designed to be easily run on a variety of games, game types, levels of technical sophistication, etc. It’s designed to be easily plugged in to any new game with maximum effectiveness and minimum fuss. It does this by camping out on the EXE an watching out to see if any other programs come along to mess with the EXE.

In order for it to detect exploiting bugs in the way you’re suggesting, Valve would have to tailor VAC to Rust, which would involve rehauling not only the administrative systems in place but also the entire base of functionality in which it runs. Then they’d probably have to do it for every other game that VAC runs on.

That would require an intricate knowledge of all the possible bugs and exploits in every game, and then meticulously planned strategies for detecting abuse of each end every bug and exploit.

You would be talking about literally thousands of man-hours of work (and therefore hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of salaries, if not millions) to do something that can in no way have enough of an effect to recuperate the money spent

It’s cheating in magicka because its insanely OP and you basically destroy anyone not using it that heavily

its not nearly as severe as dedicated hacks like anti recoil, or, obviously, aimbot etc.

You forgot to add “Super Hearing.” This just turns up the volume.


I can’t believe that people would call super hearing a hack but when I turn up the volume using the button on my keyboard it’s okay. Not fair to those of us who keep our volume at 50%.

Not fair at all.


These discussions are always hilarious to me.

I find it amazing someone can debate this sort of thing seriously. How fucking deluded can you be to think turning up gamma or using macros to do repetitive tasks so we can eat some Cheetoes (or don’t end up with carpal tunnel) is cheating? How can you even compare this to real cheats that actually inject malicious code into the game?

seeing people who cannot see you and is not intended in the game for you to see at the moment and shooting them in the face with bolts is a repetitive task where you eat cheetos.

shooting faster than human possible so the oponent doesn’t have a chance is a repetitive task where you eat cheetos.

running while crouched so that you have a huge advantage of having a much smaller hitbox is a repetitive task where you eat cheetos.

you know what truly is a repetitive task where you eat cheetos? building a base under a foundation. but i’m sure you’d think that isn’t ok

To your first example, if someone can see better than you I recommend either getting better eyes or turning up your gamma (unless your monitor just sucks). With exception to clicking faster than “humanly possible”, if you can do it with a macro you can do it without one. Macro’s aren’t some evil cheating device, they just make life a little better by performing repetitive tasks you could do yourself otherwise. The examples you gave are exploits that can be used by ANYONE with or without using marcos. These are problems with the game and are not necessarily cheating.