My 2 cents on the "Admin Issue"

Firstly I want to point out that, as others have, the current poll to remove the latest “admin announcements” feature is unbalanced. The vast majority of players are NOT server owners and therefore will not vote in favour of removing this feature. Of-course the against vote is going to win.

Right… At the end of the day if you’re paying for a server, you should be allowed to do what you want with it.

I own a server.
Occasionally I like to spawn in objects for various reasons. Trying out building designs, testing stability or other changes to mechanics, testing survey charges, testing damage/efficiency etc. I do a lot of testing. I use ZERO mods and therefore it is NOT a modded server (I just view it as creative mode which most sandbox games have). Generally I remove everything once I’m finished.

The problem is that server owners have very little overall control. I can’t whitelist or password my server. I have no way of stopping random people playing on it without using mods (It’s not like we have a singleplayer mode for this purpose either). Assuming that people bother to read it however, I do try and make it very clear in the server description that this is what I use the server for.

I have about 6 regular players who’ve settled in. If I want to test some stability changes in a remote corner of the map by spawning the materials, I don’t want people to know about it because they’ll question what I’m doing or worse, just leave.

That being said if I ever want to actually play the game then I play it without admin control, from a fresh spawn, just like every body else. I realise that not everyone is like that however, and some admins do actually use it to create an advantage for themselves but in that case … Just leave.

The point is. Admins don’t need less control, they need more. And as long as you’re paying for a server, you should be allowed to do what you want. I’m not “totally” against this feature. Obviously it’s useful for identifying servers where the admin does use it for their own advantage but it hurts servers where they don’t.

The poll is balanced. We’re asking players - not server owners. The feature was added for the benefit of the players - not for the benefit of the server owners.

I can see that but then surely the outcome is going to be obvious?

What about making it so that IF a player were killed/attacked etc by a weapon that has been spawned in … Then you announce it to the server?

That way server owners can still test in privacy. But everyone will instantly be alerted if admins are using it for an in-game advantage?

What if someone else raids the admins’ base, loots the dozen silently-spawned weapons, and goes on a rampage on the nakeds? Your system would imply that the “legit” raider and the admin are colluding when it’s instead a raider going nuts with the loot they stole from a careless admin.

If admin are going to test something, let them explain themselves when they spawn shit to test instead of limp enforcement subject to false positives like that.

Then the admin is still to blame for spawning them and storing them in the first place.
If the admin has spawned a dozen weapon and stores them in his base then he’s obviously planning on using them for his advantage. In my eyes that’s still abuse.

If I go on purely just to test something (I rarely find the need to spawn weapons) then I remove them from the game as soon as I’m done with it.

The problem with explaining stuff WHEN he spawns it is that it only informs the players that are currently on the server.

Put a explanation in your server description. Tell the players that you are going to spawn in a bunch of items for testing purposes. Typing down one sentence won’t break your fingers.

It’s not like you need to spawn in full gear for 50 players just for testing…

If the players on your servers don’t understand they are just dumb.

I do, my server description basically says that its a private testing server but if you’re okay with that then feel free to play. I don’t know how many people actually read that though :stuck_out_tongue:

The other problem with that is what’s to stop people who ARE actually abusing their admin privileges from writing the same message? And telling people they’re “Just testing stuff”.

At least with my suggestion you have a actual physical proof that an admin is using it for their own advantage.

A server that has an actual population would never put up with an admin constantly spawning stuff. If your server is vanilla you have no need to spawn anything at all now that Garry added the new entkill command.

If you need to spawn stuff in, your server isn’t vanilla. Same goes with all the people who say they need to spawn stuff in to make an arena for their 5 pop servers.

I’m gonna repost what I literally just posted in another topic…

You misunderstand the definition of “vanilla”.
“Vanilla” in gaming refers to the base game, using only the features and mechanics implemented and using no third-party add-ons or “mods”. The devs of rust have given admins the ability to spawn materials in the base game, therefore it is a “Vanilla” feature. I could build an entire city on a map using item spawning and it would still be “vanilla”. Once you start adding third-part add-ons that change and add new items, features and mechanics etc … then it becomes modded. But if you stick with the basic features, whatever you decided to do with them, then it’s still “vanilla”.

It’s not the base game for everyone else when the admin is flying around, building huge stuff because ‘I’m just testing something bro’

You can localhost the server yourself if you want to try stuff out.

You have a population of 5 on your server and you are worried about them seeing you spawn stuff in lol.

As long as it’s using the base features added to the game then its still vanilla.
Otherwise pretty much every player owned server would be classes as modded. You can’t honestly tell me that just because I occasionally change the seed and once spawned in a hammer that my server is modded?

If the devs removed the feature to spawn in objects and you had to install oxide and a mod that “added” the feature to the game. THEN it becomes modded. But as long as the feature is included in the base game, using it doesn’t magically make it modded… It’s STILL vanilla.

Vanilla isn’t a term that only applies to rust. It has a universal meaning.

And I’m not worried about people seeing me spawn items. My players know the original purpose of the server. In the last 4 months all I’ve spawned is a hammer.
I’m not against the feature, I’m just creating discussion. I don’t think this fixes this issue of admin abuse.

Just a hammer yeah?

In the last 4-6 or even more months … Yeah.

Originally when I got the server a year ago I tested building stability mechanics, furnace efficiency etc. This was before anyone else played on it. Since people have been playing on it the only thing I’ve spawned was a hammer to remove a wall that someone clipped into.

The point I’m trying to make is that the ability to spawn objects is in the base game. Therefore it’s a vanilla feature, and whether you only use it once to spawn a rock or a hammer or you use it to build an entire village … It’s still a vanilla server … There are NO third-party apps or modifications being used.

I think this subject has been discussed to death. It really doesn’t look like the announcement will go away anytime soon, if ever…so if you have a problem with it, then:

  • Don’t spawn stuff when there are people on your server. Wait for it to be empty if you have to.
  • If you own a modded server, add the plugin that prevents the announcement.
  • If you have to spawn something, let the people know what you’re doing.
  • Go out and collect stuff like normal players and keep an inventory.

It’s that simple.

I couldn’t give a rats arse…work around it.