My 20 subscribers video!

Heavy is katamari?


To put it lightly, you only have 20 subscribers for a reason.

I know my videos suck. I don’t have any help :C

It wasn’t really funny, but it was well constructed. Most machinima videos are just sideshows with pictures.

While this wasn’t a great video, at least there’s hope for you in the future. :smiley:
Good luck with your videos!

I need people to help me, all my friends are lazy :saddowns:

I liked it, it was funny and well made. keep it up!

Tips from a pro kinda, not really “lol” (69 subscribers) (growing around 1 subscriber a day)

-Stick to gmod videos, People subscribe to see gmod videos and they don’t want some sims 3 bull shit
-Take your time on some thing. I know you want to upload something with some imperfections, but take time to workout the kinks. Seriously, it helps.
-Show your video to someone who did not help you make it. Real life freinds who dont watch machinima but understand the humor are the best for giving advice.
-Keep it original (I.E. NO FUCKING DR.HAXX)
-Don’t focus on machinima or what you want to do. Let ideas come to you and they will be much more creative and you will have fun making them.
-Dont join a group with people who dont know shit about movie making and just want to shoot each other
-Use ragdolls (I love the heavy in the video) :smiley:

You seem pretty good. From what I see, you dont need help, just get better. Keep at it and get better as time gos on.

Hey, at least you have more subscribers than me.

Thank you, Also can i has link to your youtube page?

I agree. You have some good potential there. With some creative ideas you’d do pretty good in machinima.

PM’d you

but here it is anyway-

What are you guys talking about? His videos are awesome! Everyone go ahead and subscribe!

this vid = lolwut xD but 5 stars anyways

Hell yes. :v:

Because you didnt subscribed him, yet?


And i liked it, its funny

Lol’d at the rolling. You didn’t do enough rolling though, i’d have liked to see more.

Im going to use the katamari heavy in later vids…hopefully