My 40-Slot Server

Hello, everybody.
I currently have a 40-slot server, but almost nobody plays on it.
Right now it’s pretty much just a play-around server for me and my freinds, yesterday we had like 5 people on it (including me and my two freinds) but thats about all i’ve ever had.
This is because I have no real server gamemode or theme, I just keep switching.
I was wondering if anybody has any ideas for my server’s gamemode, I was thinking along the lines of RP, but considering that DARKRP is overused and somewhat hated among many, I was thinking about leaving it at sandbox(with prop protection and other rules), like the old-days of Gmod roleplay. Main Story: I need you all to suggest a great gamemode/theme for my server, “Vanilla RP(Which means a RP server with no scripts at all)” seems like a great option but darkrp is OUT.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

I don’t know about which gamemode you should choose, but I suggest you start out with a 10 slot and work your way up 15,20 to see which gamemode works best at the amount you want to play.

40 is too big in my opinion, I would never join one this big, the biggest I go is 20.

theres nothing wrong with 30+ slot servers in this case I have a 64 slot server.

I am really thinking about making a sanbox-rp server with a few twinks.
I think what is really needed though is a money script, a easy-change-model-screen, dropable-guns and guns costing money…
Can anybody help me with that? I mean, i dont want full darkrp, just some little things to keep everybody in-line

Hey SmartApple,

I was in the same troubles you had, 40 slot server with barely any players. The best thing to do is to pick a gamemode that you atleasy partially like, and is currently popular. Due to the lack of Zombie Survival Servers, you could possibly do that. And on the topic of Light RP, I think you are better off using “Ultra Light RP”, which I dont have the link to. Just look under gamemode releases. If you need any help with that, or if you decide to do something else, just add me through Steam. “Winnmp”

Hope this helped.

Find something you like and people like.