My account ban ?

hey, my account got banned from rust, for no reason to day, i did not get any notification or any email about this, now i wonder why did you ban my account when i have not used any hacks or cheats ???

Im so sorry that happen to you, its not the first post about being banned on here many other players got banned too.

Hopefully things sorts out for you m8 but from the looks you wont be able to get anything from here since the mass bans has began on paid hacking tools ppl buy for cheap to feel like they have gaming skills or better then others and forgets that rust is not about killing one another but rather a community game where one helps another before wipe days.

Mind linking us your steam ID? also everybody comes along complaining that they did nothing to warrant being banned, so forgive us if we dont believe you. If EAC gave you a false positive ban they reverse it, but often they just come and confirm it was a definite detection of a cheat.

And bans are always issued in waves, often several weeks after the actual instances of cheating, fyi. If you want to try your luck, post your steam ID and wait for an EAC staff member to look into your case, but I wouldnt be too optimistic.

yea but what i dont understand is why did i get banned ? i have not payed for any hacks or or cheats , and i havent used any hacks or cheats ?

EAC can’t look you up if you don’t provide your profile, so there you go. Nice fresh game ban on there, but for some reason you don’t show up on the twitter live feed.

Do you use family sharing?

here is a link to my steam profile:

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yea i use family sharing, is there any problem with that ?

Do me a favour, go through this Twitter feed and see if the Steam nicknames (and links to Steam profiles) of anyone you family share with appear within the last day or so. You could also make things faster by just checking the profiles of the people you share with and see if any of them have fresh bans. If they do, look for their name in the twitter feed as of about the same time as the ban was applied (if it is 1 day ago, go back to the tweets from May 10th, etc.).

I want to also make it clear that I’m not EAC, nor a Rust dev, and I don’t have access to the ban database. I cannot give you any information about your ban, otherwise I would confirm if it’s valid or a mistake instead of wasting your time with mind games or whatever by making you look at twitter.

However, I couldn’t find you on the Twitter feed, but if you’re family sharing with someone and they cheated in Rust using your copy, the ban is infectious. This is to close the loophole of a cheater buying one copy and then just sharing it out to secondary accounts and cheating on those and reusing the same copy for multiple bans. If someone you share with got banned, and you can find it in the feed, that’s probably the answer.

yea i see, i dont see any one that i know in the twittrer poste, i just want my account back, and if i get it unbaned ill stop using family share

Well, if Family Share was the reason there’s no real need to take it apart now, it’s already too late.

However, hold off until EAC has time to visit the thread. Alternatively, you can visit their official forum and appeal directly to them.

Everyone stop giving the forums URL and instead point people at or at least point out that the forums will just contain a link to the steam forums.

In fact, I’ve made it easy, forever. PSA: The EAC ban appeal forum, until they leave the Steam forums if ever, is easily reached at …oh, that link shortener is censored. Whoops. Okay, alternative time.

my new favorite forum;)

well its retarded to get banned without knowing the reason when you have not been useing hacks or cheats

They don’t divulge what triggered the ban because if it was a hack the person who was banned would most likely go complain to where they got it from. And then the people writing the hack would be tipped off of how it was detected and update earlier to evade detection sooner.

I’ve seen it happen in a different form. Back in the old days of Ragnarok Online they flatout told people who were banned exactly what caused the ban. As a result it became increasingly harder to report people as since the people writing bots and hacks were constantly tipped off that their stuff was detected and they updated accordingly.

Definite detection of paid cheats in use while playing Rust, the ban is permanent …

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