My account... got deleted?

Today I tried logging in to Rust after like a month not touching it… to my surprise when I tried to login it said bad pass or use doesnt exist…
So, I thought maybe I forgot the pass or something, and clicked “forgot my password”, wrote my email (100% correctly), and it says user not found!!!
I’ve been playing since the “open” alpha…


Just read around…
Fucking great, if you dont login for 2months you get deleted…
Thanks devs for informing us!!
Also, thanks for concidering that almost every one takes a big vacation in the Summer with no access to the PC… great…

if you can’t devote one minute out of two months to your role as beta tester, you don’t deserve to be beta testing

im sure they could have found a minute to take out of their day if they knew they had to spare one

it’s his own fault for not knowing, it’s well publicized

No it’s not…
only clue I’ve found is a some sort of Steam Chat asking if the rumour is true…
and what should I do?
I was on a vacation…
Do you often play games when you’re off the country? Do you even have interned connection?
Well I didnt…

you were on vacation for 2 months? if you can afford that you really don’t have anything to complain about

Well living with my grandma isnt a big expense is it?

Well we can’t do anything now, it’s deleted and gone.

Omg can you guys not read past topics?? Use the search feature. This has already been covered. Yes, Garry removed over 9000+ inactive accounts. Deal with it.

And for an alpha, 2 month is I think too much, 2 week should be a better “Participate Check” for me.

There used to be over 10,000 users now theres only like 4,000

Well those with a beta key have access to the game when it’ll be fully released, if you don’t test the game while its in alpha, you don’t deserve a free account

The fact that the game will be free to all alpha testers that keep their accounts until release means they will lose money if you only play when the game is fully released. They potentially made a lot of money by deleting those accounts, and it’s pointless to even keep those accounts if you aren’t using them. You aren’t playing the game, you are testing it. If you aren’t going to test it, why should you keep your account?

is this actually listed officially somewhere?
not saying these people are right to disregard these accounts, just wondering out of curiosity

Damn I haven’t been playing because I’m waiting for my PC to come back and I’m glad I randomly logged in a few weeks ago.

My account is probably gone now then
Oh well

cool… i hadn’t got the time to play, and now my account is gone… GREAT

It was on one of the news posts where he mentioned he banned people who have been inactive for more than two months, but sadly they removed anything early than news post 24. I think it was the one before that where they mentioned it.