My account has been banned please help!

Read all of what happened:

I was away last weekend at a friends house and my little brother decided to get on my computer and play rust. He has been dying to play it for the longest time so I told him it was okay and he could play all he wants. When I came back from my stay at a friends house I saw him flying around and shooting people. I asked him how he was doing it and he said that he had downloaded hacks from the internet. Immediately I flipped shit an told him to delete it but he told me that deleting it didn’t matter because he said that some people reported him and that it was probably already logged by the anti-cheat. He said that I might as well just play with them while I can until I get vac banned so that is what I did. That was a week ago and now I am vac banned. I tried making him pay me back but that just pissed my mom off.

Admin PLEASE unban me. Posting here is my last hope, I’ve seen a few other people get themselves un-banned in similar situations. I have no Idea where he got the hacks from and I have no intentions of getting them again. Rust is my No. 1 game on steam (I just hit 300 hours) and I’ve been supporting it from Day 1. Please help me.

My steam name is “The Friendly Bambi” and the account is called “1235376”.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater/liar" - postal))

where did you see other people get unbanned in similar situations ?

One of the later comments said:

"Hello 99Anonymous99,

We are sad to hear that you were banned by the Facepunch©™ VAC® system. I have put in a request for the administrators of the system to unban your account for this one time only. We ask that you not use hacks in Rust or any games in the future.

Best regards,
FacePunch Staff."

That was a total lie as a joke.

You’re not getting unbanned. You’re responsible for your Steam account, no matter who uses it, and hacking is not tolerated at all.

We’ve heard the “my little brother did it” story a thousand times, and even if you aren’t lying, it doesn’t matter.

Steam Support is the only group other than the VAC team itself that can reverse VAC bans. And if the hacks really were on your system, Valve is not reversing them. Your little brother owes you $20 for a new copy.

Now hold on fellas he might be telling us the truth, can you please prove that you have a little brother by posting a picture of him here, possibly with a piece of paper next to him saying “Please Unban me”

I’m pretty sure you’ll get unbanned if you do that, I’m very sure you’ll get unbanned.