My account has stolen

Hello . I could not today log in in my account because my password don’t work so i send the message to email and i recovery my password . I click Steam key and i go to steam > activate game , i paste this key and Steam say : Key is already use . What is going on ? Help me please :slight_smile:

That’s what you get for downloading sh*t from youtube.

What has it stolen?Oh bad account!

Someone simply found out your password. It doesn’t matter if you got hacked or if someone you know just knew your password. What is gone, is gone. You have to secure your password by don’t telling it someone else or download the obvious.

There is nothing we or anybody else can do about this. You got your account back and someone activated your key. It is not steams fault or facepunchs fault. It is your job to secure your stuff from things like this to happen.

But it sounds that someone got your email password because facepunch sends the key via email.

Or you are just trying to troll facepunch so you get a key.
I somehow don’t trust this hole thing.

But still good luck in the future.


It looks like you bought from someone an account with used already key. Bad luck, nothing can be done now.

Did you get that key off eBay last night?


Not our problem, not even sorry for you’re “loss” as its your own fault.

I am not sure I follow, you lost your password for steam?

Seems OP’s account got hacked and the Steam key it was allocated stolen. At least that’s the story OP is claiming in the OP, as far as I understand it.

Unfortunately, you only get one key and you have to protect it.

And why didn’t you activate the key on steam when they released closed alpha steam client?

I’m sure he never had one in the first place, likely he is trying to bum a free key off someone. OP, show us the key that you used, a picture of you inputting it, and the message you get.

Doesn’t matter either way, OP’s basically screwed. Let this thread die the quiet, neglected death it deserves.

Will do. First though, to the OP, open a ticket with Facepunch support, they might be able to help you, but no guarantees.

did you really sign your post?

and, every should have steam guard enabled, no excuses
'steam guard basically ensures you can’t get your account stolen.

Unless you are like me and use the same password for everything :v:

you don’t even know what steamguard is then

I could post my password and you basically wouldn’t be able to get into my account because of email confirmations

unless you’re an idiot and give away your email there’s nothing that gets in

I do know what steamguard is. The point is, if they know my password, and my email, then they also know my email password and could get the activation code, meaning it would be useless :v:

no matter what, using it is a million times better than not using it, even if the passwords the same

Hmmm interesting, I wonder if the database got hacked. I haven’t tried to log into since the Steam move. This post got me curious so I just tried to log in and it’s telling me invalid username and pass. Didn’t try to reset it because I don’t need it anymore, luckily I used my steam key the day they went live. I’ll check into it more later, I got stuff I gotta go take care of now…

Well shit ;_; guess something is wrong. My account has stolen too.