My addon has been reuploaded

Hey, My addon has been reuploaded to the steam workshop without my consent. It is entirely the same addon although with the old menu and some russian language help file added to it.
I commented on it and the comment was removed

The addon in question:

My current addon:

Is there anything that can be done about this as I don’t get why theyve done this, i tried to contact the person who uploaded it and was swiftly blocked.


I was thinking about that however I don’t have a copyright legislation of the actual addon I uploaded, I just created it so I do not have the legal means to do something like that.

The thing is the entire addon is just ripped off is there anything the gmod devs can do about it, I can provide code if neccesary.

That doesn’t mean you can’t create a dmca.

A friend of mine had his shit reuploaded countless of times and all of his dmca’s worked.

Valve will automatically take shit down if a dmca if filed on it no matter if it’s valid or not.

Should note I wasn’t infringing on copyright in that email, it was a bs take down.

If you are going to post a thread about someone allegedly stealing your code, you should at least post I don’t know, the actual proof of stolen code.

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Did you make that map?

I sincerely doubt it, considering there are at least five similar maps on the workshop, most of which are also backdoored.

Mind explaining who thisis if you did make the map?

It even has the same unused file lol

And why do you even care about your script anyway @serverwatch? You hardly even made any of it.

If you made and scripted the addon, get it copyrighted just incase if something like that happens again.

Since when can that propkill obsessed freakhead code?!

Also, why even make a script with cheat features in the first place?

If he made it then its his intellectual property.

Shity lua side skid addons shouldn’t even be allowed on the workshop.

DMCA is shit but you’re obliged to live with it.

TECHNICALLY they aren’t cheats by that definition. Sure, they are cheats, but as they entirely rely on features shipped with Garry’s Mod (IE Lua), Valve’s hands are tied. If the script was doing something malicious to users (such as corrupting their bios :v:) then Valve can take action based on that.

Kinda the same reason why VAC doesn’t really get used in Garry’s Mod.

EDIT: Whoops, I’m wrong. They actually are cheats by that definition (Modification to the game that provides a competitive advantage)

Hey oldrid mind posting your steam account? Love to have a discussion with you in private fam, cheers.

Hey paki mind telling me how long it has been between your post and the one prior to it?