my addon keeps getting removed. why?!

for some reason, my addon keeps getting reported and deleted whenever i post it. i don’t upload porn or anything that’s already been made. it’ll stay up for about two days and then get deleted, and i’m not getting banned or told why my addon’s getting deleted.

i think that should actually tell you WHY something you uploaded gets deleted, it would be very helpful to me and plenty of other users.

edit: thanks for the help! i got the addon uploaded and found the source of the problem in case it ever happens again. :smiley:

It may have a file type assumes is unsafe prehaps i cant really say for sure.

Did you steal this file out of an SVN? Are there any unsafe files in there? This is the contents of that .ZIP:

Bold: What is that? It’s a file that redirects you to Delete that file or use 7Zip. :c00l:

I think it’s either the .url that signals red lights, or it’s the Portal sounds that have been copyrighted.

7zip is your best bet.

I think its a little of both

and ya
use that
or download winrar
Google it
its free and works AH-MAZINGLY!

Use 7zip.

is 7Zip free?


thank you for all the help guys! ;D

i uninstalled Jzip and installed 7-zip, but it doesn’t view files properly- it kept viewing one directory ahead- so i then re-installed Jzip. it turns out when i installed Jzip, i forgot to uncheck a box that says “add reccomendation site like” or something to that effect, therefore adding the HTML file. i re-installed Jzip and that fixed the problem!

nobody gave me the exact solution i chose (O.o) but you helped solve it nevertheless.

again, thanks for the help, i owe you guys one!

You shouldn’t need 7zip as that’s for compressing files into .7z format. Just use WinZIP or WinRAR. Both are free and no-frills.

Right click on file or folder
Send To
Compressed (zipped) Folder

Presto, instant zip file compatible with, without installing any extra programs.

Although I still would recommend 7zip for anything else because it is my favorite archiver.

Not that hard to install a free program. 7z also does better compression.