my addons dont show up

Hi well to me im doing everything right im putting the addons in the right place(computer/hard disk/program(86x)/steam/steamapps/my user name/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/)i have windows 7 by the way it used to work untill i deleted the addons in there for some reason i go on and they all have info. in them ive only got some of the svns to work which are wire engine mod phx 3 and half of a petrol one can you help me with it please can you also explane it in a simple way im no good with complicated computer stuff thanks

Can I get a translation from idiotic to English, please?

nope sorry its already english


just answer my question dont bother just because i dont speak posh dont be annoying

Still typing in idiotic. Not going to move my finger to help a moron who refuses to type like a mature person.

thats because im not mature im 10


never mind its somehow working again thanks for your help rimlanin :slight_smile:

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i was asking for help on how to get my game working it isnt my fault that it decided to work again alot of people have had this probplem its not like im wasteing time because it a common problem and c’mon i thought geeks are surpose to help you not be all stressy and make fun of people for not being puntual and as posh as you i bet your 30 odd years old stil a virgin and live with your mum

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Second, only you have the problem. Why? Because your lazy brat ass decided to slack off and not read fully the INSTRUCTIONS ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE FORUMS!

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ive read them and they didnt help me ,and i cant have that ambition because im not a virgin


oh well ive fix the problem so i dont need your help THANKS

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Oh and by the way, you are welcome. :slight_smile:

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These forums are for people 13+, he had every reason to get banned.


great thread

Besides the point.

You go round threads and pick on idiots who are to lazy to understand shit. You do realize that’s what threads are for? Help and support.

No, they are not for retards.