My addons have disappeared?!?!

Hello, I was just about to play Garrys Mod today but an updates happened so after the update happened I went on GMod and I came to find that my addons are gone! I have tried to restart the game lots of times and still nothing is there any console command to make them come back or will I have to move them out and back in or something please reply.

Try singleplayer

i am in singleplayer thats what i dont get i would understand if i was in multi but im not :frowning: but it only started after the recent update

is there a console command i can use?

sv_scriptenforcer 0

“sv_scriptenforcer 0” didn’t really do anything but thanks though still looking for a solution plus I have tries adding more addons to see if it will work but even that doesn’t work

Open garrysmod/garrysmod/cfg/config.cfg in notepad. Look for sv_scriptenforcer. It should be “1”. Set it to 0 and save the file. Then change level.