My Advanced Duplicator disconnects me

My Advanced Duplicator disconnects me from server about 75% of the time, I get disconnected with a message saying Disconnect: Client 0 overflowed reliable channel… or Disconnect: Client 1 overflowed reliable channel…
I got about 200 to 500 dupes, I was thinking this could possibly be why, but I don’t really want to delete a whole bunch of dupes.
This has been happening to me for about 4 days and its getting extremely annoying because when I try to save something, most of the time I get disconnected and lose my stuff. I don’t think I can even delete my dupes because every time i go to Server Folder Manager Menu in advanced duplicator i get disconnected with the same message Disconnect: Client 0 overflowed reliable channel…

If I forgot to add any information or if you need more information just ask.

Please help me if you can, it will be very much appreciated.

Note: This is my first thread on Facepunch.

Edit: I thought it stopped doing it, but it started doing it again about 5 minutes ago but now it just started saying Disconnect: Client 3 overflowed reliable channel…

Anyone know???

Sorry, but I don’t help canadians.

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