My animations are fucked up!

Okay so I Imported a refrence SMD into Blender saved it as a COLLADA and imported that into XSI and made animations for the crab synth. XSIs SMD import always screws up the weightmap data so I used blenders smd import.
but blenders SMD export is broken so i did the animation in XSI
anyway I finish my animations and compile the mdl and load it up in hlmv and this happens.


WOW WTF I use 3DS MAX so i dont have much of a clue, but you might be writing the wrong bones.

I’ve seen something similar in my adventures trying to figure out the modeling process. It was with a boring standard HL2 citizen model I had made some changes to. What fixed it for me was re-exporting as the skeletal/animation thing over the ‘ragdoll.smd’. Probably won’t help you, but better then nothing?

Looks like a screwed weightmap. Alternatively badly linked bones.

You moved a joint outside of animation mode.

EDIT: Not all programs allow that.

fixed turns out that XSI changes the Y axis to up on a COLLADA import and Y being up instead of Z makes it incompatible with the other animations I re did the whole thing :stuck_out_tongue: Works thanks guys! :smile: