My anti-raid ideas.

Probably allot of you have suggested this already or just think i am dumb.

  1. Traps! And maybe even bear traps to cach bears…
  2. Stone walls! stronger and better walls.
  3. Land mines… It sounds a little op, but i think it needs to be so powerful as a C4.
  4. Reinforced doors! This idea is already mentioned but i just want to put it in the list.
  5. A bed! It will protect you more then a sleeping bag and can’t be broken so fast to. In an enormous raid it wont really help you, but it will help vs noobs.

This are my ideas. I still havent played the game but i watched a lot of vids and read Threads.
And i maybe have put the wrong icon above it to… lel

I’ve been hoping for punji sticks or something, maybe even trip wired grenades. I’ve also wondered why stone structures weren’t added before metal, you would think it’d be obvious progression.

I think that something needs to be done about people raiding you when youre logged out. I get it that the houses should be destructible and everything, but not everyone is able to be online 24/7 and it really sucks that when youve found time to play, you realise you need to start from scratch. Maybe it would be possible to keep the stuff or at least some of it youve had on you when youre killed while “asleep”.

I’d settle for making spike walls a little more dangerous. Kind of annoying when you see someone jump up onto your spike wall, toss a wood barricade and top, and then blow into your second floor…

I was thinking about traps too. It’ really annoying to log in game and to discover an invisible door in your house. Of course it’s an alpha, I hope they will take it into consideration.

That could be fixed if thy would just make them were you could not use them as jump pads.

OT: Traps would rock! from a simple bear trap to a string rigged pipe shotgun. We should see traps down the line. I for one would like to see stuff like this go in before bringing a heli onto the map.

This is a really big issue. If this is not fixed then you will loose a lot of the casual players. Starting over from scratch is not fun especially when you can’t do anything about it.

Don’t know were it was talked about, but I did read something of a idea were when you are killed you would only drop some of your loot. My way of thinking is like zombies loot, your bag would be your loot table and x items would only be gotten.

You still loose your stuff but thy get less out of it. But thy are working on making players were thy can be looted like boxes when alive. So who knows it may go to just you waking up with your pockets empty and not in the woods with a rock

I heard of patrol helis… what are that helis gonna do? kill bandits?

From what we know (thats little)
Helis will be triggered from a unknown event (something is done here thy come) and it will fly around.

If shot, thy will open all hell on who ever did it. It is said that buildings will not save you if you tick it off.

If it random fires at people or zeds or what ever we don’t know the only other thing we do know is that it “may” one day be player controlled.

As the saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

In a true survival situation, caching is the key. You may not be able to dig a hole anywhere but you can place small buildings all around the map or even storage boxes hidden around.

In areal survival situation you would wake up when someone blew open your door with c4. This is not real life its a game therefore you need to balance it in some way.

I think Helk mentioned something along these lines being planned in terms of home defense.

Trip wired shotguns :smiley:

Zombie cage . When a burglar trips the wire a door opens containing sprinting zombies, chaos in a confined house

+1 for trap (made of wood, and… we need anything here
+1 for landmine (extremly rare, extremly dificult to build, but dificult to see.
+1 bed, just in the mention “dificult to destroy”
stonewall…no? wood wall are enough, but adding anything like spike on their top could be a good idea,
With indestructible stonewall, you are just unraidable.
“renforced door”, same thing, if u can’t destroy it, no, if you mean "5 C4 instead of 2,i could undestand this.