My Attempt at a Garry's Mod video

It’s okay, I need to find a way to get rid of the HUD and the watermark, but other then that this isn’t half bad.

Tell me what you think, and please don’t just insult me. No one likes that, seriously guys.

Wrong section this is the screenshot section.

(User was banned for this post ("Backseat mod" - Uberslug))

Screenshots AND MOVIES.

This section is just for screen shots ill give you where to put the movies .

Ok we’re both right. I saw the thing that said “Screenshots and Movies”, but I didn’t see the “Videos” forum. But it’s too late, either way… unless I could somehow move this post?

You could ask a moderater to move it.

I was expecting a really crappy movie, and I got a moderately crappy movie. Good job by exceeding my expectations.

lol wow ok thanks?

I thinked that It will be a shitty movie, but it wasn’t bat at all o_o

dude, you already posted in the video section at the same time

Than he fails.
But video is good so let it be i say!

To get rid of HUD, type cl_drawhud 0 into console.

The vid was removed!!!