My attempt at fire.

I need to work on it.

Falcon Kick!

lul, but it isn’t your first attempt at fire… >.>

It isn’t?

. . .when have I tried otherwise?

You showed me some time ago

Well is this one better?

Too much yellow.

doesnt like fire, and it doesnt make any sense the way it is burning. The angle is also very bad for a fire editing test, because of his arm being in the way. It would be okay, but clearly you were unable to cut out the flames overlapping his arm…

Alright so you don’t like fire, better angle, and work on the way it burns.

I got it.

The posing is a little stiff and akward. The fire is way to yellow and bright.
It is a rather poor choice of map, and the picture has no meaning to it, did the soldier ignite the scout with his boot? The fire itself has an odd shape, and there seems to be no damage caused to the scout.

Looks like plasma, except it’s yellow. :v:

its the soldier’s 1st attempt to make fire XD (kidding)