My attempt at Mad Max model porting

After spending a bunch of hours playing the game i decided to port (or at least try to port) some models. After some trial and error i managed to get this:

It was nice to see that the models weren’t deformed like with other games, however the drivetrain model has some UV mapping issues:

I will post any progress i make with other models, and if anyone knows how to fix that mess of a UV map please let me know.

Woooo paintjobs!!!

Another car model, this time with thicker wheels and an upgraded V6 engine. There are so many different parts :excited:

damn that was fast. looks great!

Awesome work, dude! I was hoping that someone would start looking into this… What tools are you using?

Holy moly, fantastic work. Ever since Fury Road, I’d just wanted to get some 3D model of any car from Mad Max, and now we can get some from the game, by the help of you! :smiley:

Ninjaripper—>3ds Max importer—>.obj export—>Blender. The process is quite simple but there is a problem: in order to rip all the car parts and chassis i must unlock them first in the game :hurr:. So yeah, it might take quite a while before i can port all the assets.

Isn’t it running on the same engine as the Just Cause games? I would’ve thought there’d be tools that might work better, but if Ninja Ripper’s what does it, then so be it!

Just Cause 2 tools don’t work with this one, they probably used a different method to pack the files. The formats are the same as JC2 though.

Holy Dog shit that was fast!

Hopefully we get some good scene building props out of this. Nice Work!

Though quick question, is it possible to port stuff like rocks, scenery, or any of that stuff?

Hey killstreaks, I have a save with the main story completed and most upgrades for the Magnum Opus (except I don’t have the die rolla body as it never interested me enough to hunt it down). I also have [sp]the Interceptor[/sp] which would be cool to see ported because the model is fuckin amazing. If you want it shoot me a PM or add me on steam, I doubt I’ll remember to check back here.

I don’t have a lot of the other vehicles tho

Any character models that exist would also be nice to have.

Would love to get those models and make them damageable vehicles.

What are your settings for NinjaRipper? No matter what settings I choose the ‘rip’ button does nothing.

The Intruder injector doesn’t work with Mad Max. try using D3D11 wrapper, it works for me.

Are you going to port Max himself?

Probably, although i need to learn how to make ragdolls/playermodels first.

been at it for a few days myself…

gotta make sure you are using the latest ninja ripper with 64 bit support. UVs definitely need a lot of work on most models. Weapon UVs are different from character UVs which are different from cars, etc…

GAWD DAYUM that Interceptor looks awesome! How did you rip it? I tried with one random car in the middle of the desert but the textures where low-res and the model itself was messed up.

oh and btw, these suckers will be drivable :v:

dude i cannot wait to bring this shit to sfm

Got lucky with the interceptor. Cinematics in this game use real, rippable models so it was easy to grab. Also, whereas most UVs are really messed up, the interceptor (and most other cars from what I can tell) seem to work just fine without any editing.