My attempt to make an animation in Garry's Mod

You probably won’t get the reference, but basically this takes place in the DayZ mod, and is a recreation of what happened in another video-which is annotated at the end.

I primarily just want feedback on what is good and what is bad, ALL feedback is welcome.

It’s pretty good from an animation standpoint given the tools that gmod has to offer.

I actually kinda liked it.

How’d you do it? I love it.

This is your first attempt? This is pretty damn good!

I’ve actually never seen that type of animation style before, great job.

It’s a mix between still pictures (obviously) and live action. It takes a decent amount of time to make the video
because in live action- you usually have to re-do scenes multiple times before you get what you’re looking for.

This is not my first attempt, I’d say this is probably my 3rd time making a Garry’s Mod animation, but is definitely
better then my previous work, which I’ve chosen to hide from public gaze due to how atrociously fucking terrible they are.

Nice dude. Thanks for putting that DayZ video to good use bb.