My awesome experience with BioServers

One friend telled me about this server. I saw the price: 0.50GBP so i gave it a chance.
Now i am at this hosting about 2 months and i am very happy. Answer from support tickets are usually to less than 30 minutes.
Price is awesome too, server is not laggy, have one at our server who have ping 5.
Also have:
Unlimited Space
Anti-DoS Attack
More options of MySQL
CSS, DoDS, EP2, Portal, TF2 content
Gives a free demo so you could try

Also support is very good and they can help you with problems what aren’t caused by hosting.

May I ask your game server IP?

Yea i’ve used Bioservers on 2 occasions and enjoyed their servers. Would use them again if/when I decide to buy a new Gmod server.

I currently use them for the webhosting which is good as well.