My awesome list of awesome requests

Hey, don’t feel pressured to do any of these. I just randomly jotted down all of this and thought I should share. :} (except for the server favorites - why is that not in yet?)

Pick Up arrows (definite and simple and obvious)

Server Favorites (also Definite Simple and obvious)

create character faces/look - for identification

ability to throw stones(resource) for damage

Weak/strong points on enemies - like vats on fallout

more enemy types - no bandits/human npc or instead:
maybe have armored guards guarding a high value loot area

more loot variation
more various items
seemingly useless items

more random loot
more random buildings with more boxes
but make them spawn less often

Craft one item at a time rather than all at once, and crafting benches severly reduce crafting time

traps - spikes, lever traps, door traps, Claw Traps, ditches

alternate traps- animal bait and trap

animals more smart(ai) and harder to kill
make wind system
animals can smell you from farther away if in the wind
better noise reaction
more realistic spawning locations, and amount of each animals
specifically less bears and more deer/hogs

more animal types

add horses - you can kill them or ride them with a mount

add pets - have wild dogs
can take babies and raise them to make pets
can carry stuff
you can train it
acts like a real dog
will randomly attack enemies without your permission
might run off randomly and come back with food
start barking for everyone else to hear
will act better based on how you trained the dog
you can give the dog orders based on how well you trained the dog
you can take other peoples dogs (really mean thing to do)
dog can like more than one person - if you are in a clan and everybody trains it
dog armor!

Maps (I don’t know if already in game, I found paper that looks like it could be used for a map)

Poison system
Ability to be poisoned
poison resource from poisonous animal or plant
komodo dragon
poison darts
poison tipped arrows
poison traps
poison zombies/mutants
poison kills very slow, but increases hunger decay

Bamboo resource for different building type and for blow dart tube

half walls and half doorways

better stairs

signs and aesthetic items
make signs with different marks/colors on them
different visual landmark items
have 5-6 different marks/colors available
people will use to make visual clues so they could find things
also can be used to signify clans or relations
different colored armor
have dye resource from different coloured plants or rocks

metal doors with pass-code
not electronic, but like a mechanical lock with code
simple device
can replace key sharing
just share the code

make a higher tier of metal and add all better weapons (sniper, Auto, strong shotgun) to that tier
make them REALLY difficult to make - needs more than just metal
make adv. crafting table - also really hard to make
put objects required for crafting good stuff in containers as rare loot
electronic objects
certain mechanisms for guns
stuff you cant make
have low quality weapons (pistols, weak carbine) use low quality metal

add electricity
make turrets (REEEALY hard to craft)(not that strong)
gasoline fuel

make a variety of different melee weapons
pole stick
spears (also throw-able)
metal swords

make alternative to rocks that are like trees where you only get
a few resources, but there are a lot of them
or switch it around where rocks give less resources but are more common
but you can finds mines or rock piles that are less common

make lock boxes (can only be opened with C4 or special something)

garry’s mod like map/server editor for the game
can make snow or desert maps
add elements to the game that are not in main server like:
different animals/enemies
different looking tools or entities
different themed things like
fantasy or scifi or horror themes

weather and random natural events
fires (maybe)
tornado (can destroy buildings)
heat wave

These are all suggestions that I don’t really expect to make in the game, but these are just some the ideas that I brainstormed and put together.

A lot of these would probably be impossible to add or implement, or not a good idea in general, but the list basically goes from top to bottom in order of things that I would most like in the game
specifically the first 3.

Would be cool to have guard dogs :slight_smile: Like tame a wild dog/wolf to become your companion. Tell iit to follow you/ hunt with you or simply protect your home but i think the friends lists needed to be implemented to differentiate friend or foe.

Forgot about the elevators in homes.

A map where we can write/draw stuff on( strategy? Giving map with annotation to allies)