My base and nearby town on a lake :)


really gorgeous place:) i’d make those side walls have the same lookout points though, they are the biggest weakness in your defense. that said, love the exclusion zone of cupboards in stone boxes.

Yes, i had to put those stone boxes with cupbards becase someone was trying to build a ramp too close to my walls, so i had to make those and secure them :slight_smile:

Edit: didnt get the part about lookout points

by lookout points i mean the areas on the wall where the ramps lead to window panels with lanterns;) could probably put them parallell with the ramps from the top floor to the top of the wall.

Great job! I love the architecture and the bridge is just fantastic!

I didnt use window panels :slight_smile: its only a block, 4 pillars and a floor on top, and two ramps connected to the block, i liked the desigh, i didnt thing much about protection at that point…

Yes i like the bridge also because its all one piece and its all nicely connected, the guy named Weeza built it…

Town and base are expanding every day so i will post pictures in the first thread if you guys want

on rewatching i see what you mean; its a block with ramps, and what i saw as windows was the pillar/railing/floor combination lol.

:smiley: i went for the guard tower look :))

It looks great for the design. The only flaw I see to this base is that it looks somewhat easy to raid. Do you have any plans on improving the security of it?

This is my first big base, how do you think i should improve security, im always opet to suggestions, a few times twgo groups of 3 people tried raiding me, an they all got killed after a few warning shots, i think they would need to much time to raid me anyways since there are so many doors and every one has a lock now, and they dont know where is the main cupboard :))

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Very nice, like the design, it looks like it cost a lot of resources, was the server empty?

My base from the first post got stolen because of a bug that opens doors when server restarts, oh well…

Servers are wiping next update anyway so no real loss.

Yes i know, im not too dissapointed, i dont mind when someone fairly raids my base, but i hate when this unpredictable bugs happen :frowning: I know about wipes and im aware of them so im not surprised :slight_smile: