My Base and Some Panoramic Pics

Just built my latest suicide base and I’m hoping it fairs better than the rest in the past (1 died to the barricade pillar glitch and the other to the sleeping bag glitch). I removed the ability to place foundations right next to the base of my structure so people can’t do the sleeping bag trick, and I also went with a “porchless” security crate that is sticking through the door. Either way this is where I’m at. I’m on a pretty heavy server when it comes to raiding and she’s lasted a week so far…“fingers crossed”

Why the hell die you place sepperate foundations?

because you can’t build on them and with the pillars you can’t place stairs on them. So the only way to get in is to build stairs way the hell out and then try and build ceiling platforms to jump all the way to my base. in theory it’ll take more work than anyone feels like doing when they can walk up the hill and just use some C4 on the next dudes house.

I know.
But why sepperate?
It’s much safer if you place them directly to your house.
Btw you have to touch every foundation at least evey third day.
Otherwise they decay.

I could get into this with 2 c4 and 100 wood…just saying.

But not into a real suicide house.
Just in this.

All suicide houses that start from the 3rd floor up take 100 wood and 2 c4 to get into.

How? you can’t build up to it

It sure looks like you could easily build up to the window.

If those foundations decay, you can build into this without any c4. Its also not safe mesure just putting one layer of foundations around your base. You Effectively need two layers or protective foundations around the perimiter. If you put on layer, the enemy can place another foundation and still put stairs up and if you have windows they can jump onto the window bars or ontop of a door and place C4. Two layers of foundations or you’re doing it wrong. Or you can do what I do and build your base to the absolute limit the space permits!

Also this is 3 high you can’t get up there with 100 wood. Either you mean by stacking a spike wall onto of a barricade and doing it the painful way but I don’t think you’ll get in there now you can’t stack barricades.

pm your server ip i’ll show u if you want.

In your case he can.

How can u build to the window if you can’t put a foundation down to build up from?

It looks like there are a few different places that you could fit a foundation… Obviously I’m only going off of the screenshots so I could be wrong but it totally looks like you could just build right off of the foundations you’ve already placed.

Also, what’s the point of posting these humongous pics? They’re soooo big and unnecessary, imo. Maybe scale them down and make them a bit more reasonably sized next time? :slight_smile:

haha yeah I’ll scale down next time, I didn’t know if there was a way to do like a thumbnail or not. I’ve walked around my house for about 10 minutes with a foundation and tried to attach it to everything, until you get to the 3rd ring out, they are all nullified and won’t accept a linking foundation.

If you give me your server ip i’ll gladly show you.

yeah that’s what I’ll do…come on man

lol what? I’m trying to be helpful and show you your flaw in your base. wtf do you think i’m going to do? Invest over an hour to just get c4 to raid a 2x2?

lol wouldn’t be the first time…I’ll ping you when i hop on later…i really hope I don’t regret it lol