My Bases keep Disappearing D:

Since the wipe I have built 3 bases. My first one was pretty big. Made from stone and metal. I log in and its gone…like no trace of it…so I build a tiny stone base close to a rad town…log in the next day…gone no trace of it…so I build another small base somewhere else completely out of metal…log in the next day…completely gone…no trace. I can’t tell if people just hate me and blow my base up because everyone else’s houses near by are still standing. I have no idea whats going on :frowning:

Getting access to your tool cupboard and demolishing everything for “lols” no doubt.

Its possible but it feels like they are targeting me because everyone else’s bases close to mine are still standing lol. I think I’m going to switch servers

try changing your steam name and picture, and see if it happens again

try not putting your cupboard on the first floor. with the glitch of disapearing walls, if your cupboard is on the first floor, anyone can just walk near and get inside.

PureDeviance, I don’t know how much you know about building / raiding, but if you don’t follow certain rules it is quite easy to get raided. The chances are people aren’t actually targeting you, it’s just that your bases are more vulnerable than your neighbors.

Firstly, there is a cheat / hack that people have been using, that removes walls. This means that people can easily walk over to you tool cupboard, authorize themselves, then demolish your entire base. The way to get around this is to NEVER have your tool cupboard on the ground floor, and remove stairs when you log off so that if cheaters do use the no-walls hack, they are stuck on the ground floor, and cannot access your tool cupboard.

Secondly, don’t place furnaces, unlocked doors, or half-height building blocks on your ground floor, as people who get in can jump up on these and glitch through the ceiling to the second floor, access your tool cupboard, and game over.

Thirdly, always reinforce the roof to stone or metal, as the most common way to get in is to build a tower next to your base, jump on the roof, hatchet through one floor tile and you’re in.

What I do is, make the ground floor 2 floors high, (so that there is absolutely no chance of someone ceiling-glitching up to the second floor), leave it completely empty, and build my base on the 3rd floor, tool cupboard, sleeping bag, furnace, storage boxes, everything up on the 3rd floor. Reinforce the ceiling to metal, remove the stairs altogether, and use temporary half-height building blocks to get up to your 3rd floor each time. That way if someone gets into your base, either through C4 or wall glitching, they are stuck on an empty ground floor and have no way to reach your tool cupboard or build their way up to your 3rd floor.

Try this and see if you have more success. The only time I have been successfully raided was when people blew my door off with C4 and then spent 3 HOURS and a shit-ton of bullets shooting at the floors above until they shot my tool cupboard down. They have to be pretty committed to try that…

Hope this helps, and apologies if I’m telling you stuff you already know…

It takes a bit more resources but i usually also a floor or 2 extra above my base just so they waste more C4.

There is also a glitch to add stability on the upper floors so that when your foundation are knocked out,the upper floors float in the air.