'My Beloved'

Sorry about constantly posting new threads but i aint slept yet and im just trying to get some good shots.


I know about the clipping on her arm.

Criticism/Compliments appreciated!

Nice but cliping error ruins the picture.
The editing is rule good!

Nice :3.

Cheers Nova, I tried to edit it in game to change clipping but it decided to delete the fecking file :stuck_out_tongue:

Ty guys.


Also what is wrong with you peoples Civilians/Refugees? Their hands look fucked up / melt together in your pics. In mine it isn’t?

Hehe, No clue mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, according to the fact you say “mate” a lot, you’re either Brittish ooor… Australian.

Yeah, From Great crappy Britain… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a decent picture, though I would have taken all the time needed to fix that simple clipping error, would’ve only required a re-pose it seems.
Good lighting, but doesn’t that map have a glitch in the spot you did the picture? the light gets really bright or something.

Anyway, good atmosphere.


for you good job.

Like the sun rays, dislike how the sky on the right is green.

Yeah Cornwalas the map is very glitchy, Models just go through the foliage and things. Thanks anyway guys. Much appreciated!