My Beta Ion cannon

Hey Guys first post woo anyway ive been working on anti airs and timebombs and stuff even made a mini ion noob cannon but then it hit me wdh lets make a epic ion cannon better than any ones on garrys mod…4 days later and 17 redbulls i mounted the last lazor on to this bad mo fo.

It has one basic laser, 9 epic lazors ,4 360’ air to air/air to npc/ air to player defense systems, a anti crash system
auto tracking orbit mode, auto track target stationary mode and working on pill box with 9 killbox amramm
wire guided missiles i made this bad boy with wire,phx,laser stool,and alot of work every part was made by me every wire every weld so i hope you guys like it heres a few more pics of it =D


Btw Im open for suggestions on how to make this more epic maybe a bomb bay or anything just comment below i wanna make this thing awsum :stuck_out_tongue: btw learning e2 so i can get ride of all those gates.

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Here you go


You already posted this, and it has no Lua, what are you trying to do?

We aren’t going to like this more if you repost it in the wrong section, really.

The hell did you do to that last pic?

He filter raped it in Photoshop

sorry i didnt know what section to post it in you dont have to be assholes…>.>

Not only did you post something which is a lot less than you make it out to be, after our initial reaction you decided to repost it in the wrong section. That’s pretty annoying.