My beutiful waterfall!

Just showing a part of a map I’m currently working on, featuring a really pretty waterfall.

PS: Gotta love fraps cutting my fps in half -_-

There’s water vapor around waterfalls like that.

To be honest, nothing particularly impressive. Also doesn’t require it’s own thread, we have the pimpage for a reason.

Your criticism is fine and all, but marking my post as dumb, quite honestly that’s rude

It’s just a rating, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

How do you make a waterfall?


awesome :smiley:

You seem to think I’m actually frustrated over that, madam

Sweet I’m a member of the opposite sex now :v:

Go shopping with the wiffey.

enjoy the rest of your life in the kit-

owait got to think of something more classy…

enjoy not being able to drive for the rest of your life…!


But I already have my license :saddowns:

So… kitchen?

In all seriousness though, how old do you have to be to get your license in the UK?

17 right?

i think the waterfall looks great, i don’t see what everyone’s problem is

Its nothing new. Just look in the ep2 default particles.

You also think your underwater sand textures look great :v:

you give awful criticism and think you are the mapping god of this forum, yet have no maps to show for it