My Big Fat Gmod Video

As many of you will probably be aware, there hasn’t been a good Garrysmod collab video since The Idiots of Garrysmod 1 and 2 and of course The Gmod Idiot Box.

We, Digital Licorice, are going to try to change that.

INTRODUCING: My Big Fat Gmod Video! This is going to be a longish video (10-25 minute depending on how many people we get to help) made out of loads of little skits from various people. Problem is, we’re working on a team of 3-4 people. We’re looking for people who can come up with their own ideas and make their own skits and then send em into us for the movie.

I’m posting this just to check how many people would be interested in helping out!

Feel free to subscribe to us :smiley:


James from Digital Licorice

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.