My bike!

After the “success” of the last video post i decided to post this as well :3
Hope you enjoy the video :slight_smile:

There was no “success” in the last video, there wasn’t anything funny in them, it’s just a buncha guys talking, and laughing hard at absolutely nothing.

I bet that 1 like is from yourself

No shame in liking your own stuff :slight_smile:
And dont worry i wont post stuff on here in the future :slight_smile:

uh, yea there is a problem with liking your own stuff
it just shows that you shouldn’t be making videos if no one likes them in the first place.

Thank you.

Yeah but what if i enjoy making it? :slight_smile:
I enjoy editing videos and playing games with my friends, it might not be good, but atleast i had fun doing it :slight_smile: