My brothers(All Coders)

I want to see how many people are currently working on any type of code(mainly Lua). Also if you working with Lua and it darkrp don’t even bother posting.

How this works post a bit about your history of coding. What did you start out with, how has it helped you, how far have you come as of yet, any current projects/works, and will you continuing coding?

I started with Lua and branched out a little for brief part including python. I started out in early Carry’s mod with creating sweps. I would later start working on LightRP when it was released and got pretty far. Starting out in early gmod allowed me to see how creative everything has come and how much more of little kids and trolls their are popping into the community. I currently working on a custom role play that has been built ground up. I will continue coding for Lua until it dies.

“The key benefits unique to Lua are the fact that it is amazingly small, fast, and on a technical level a masterpiece. Not every project manages to achieve so much with so little of the dreaded ‘bloat’.”—MatthewWild, in lua-l (2008).

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My LuaBros, My <3s

I love Lua. I am waiting to see other people experience’s with it.

Lua is fun.

I am not your brother.

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Im working on PHP:
LUA - Own gamemode ; G3Mod

Bro <3

I’m pretty damn sure he did not come up with that himself.

Just a quote from the Lua site. I agree with the person who created it but they has some grammar problems as well as I.

I started doing some small time hacking with Chrisaster in around October 08, and progressed on from there. I’m now developing my own adminmod, and have done some small private projects (<3 £££), for example a streaming radio, loadout system based on rank, etc.


100% sure. He is far too dumb.


How this works post a bit about your history of coding.

What did you start out with: LUA for a game called Tibia
How has it helped you: It made me interested in coding.
How far have you come as of yet: I’ve been using: LUA,PHP,VB6,C++,JASS, AutoIt, AcTool, Actionscript 2, Actionscript 3 and more.
Any current projects/works: My own PHP site, Garrysmod Gamemode
Will you continuing coding: Yes I will, - This is gonna be my job for the rest of my life. : D

I felt like posting all this crap :>

Added more scripting languages :smiley:

What did you start out with? Visual Basic for making a simple bot for MSN with the Messenger API.
How has it helped you? It got me into programming.
How far have you come as of yet? Currently learning C++ and writing my own 2D game engine with DirectX. From time to time I code PHP web applications and I’m pretty active as a GMod Lua dev.
Any current projects/works? Yeah, an admin mod, motion recording thing and my own physics sandbox game.
Will you continue to code? Sure, as long as I’ve got interesting ideas and it’ll take some time before I run out of them. Eventually I’d like to write my own parser and compiler for an existing language or my own.

What did you start out with? Making a simple Hello World program in C++
How has it helped you? It got me into programming and stuff
How far have you come as of yet? Learning DirectX and OpenGL, hoping to start my own engine, also fooling around in Gmod with Lua.
Any current projects/works? Learning DirectX / working on a project called DXInfo for Gmod(won’t release no point, it’s like 20 lines of code, lol). Working on my own engine at the moment, working on file loading.
Will you continue to code? I’d like it to be my job.

What did you start out with? BASIC on the Commodore 64. I was pretty little, so it was all very simple stuff.
How has it helped you? It taught me the “BASICs” and showed me that programming was something I wanted to continue with
How far have you come as of yet? Pretty far. I devour CS books like water these days, almost done with a CS undergrad degree with plans for a grad degree after that.
Any current projects/works? I’m not telling. :wink:
Will you continue to code? It’s my hobby and my job, so I guess so. Got to work for Rockwell Collins last year and now I’m coding for the Air Force. Both great employers.

Ugh… you’re all doing it…

What did you start out with? Vb scripting in excel.
How has it helped you? Got me to where I am today.
How far have you come as of yet? Pretty far. Coded several user programs all with a wide difference in application.
Any current projects/works? Learning directx and engine design. Spent a month writing a ‘general-purpose’ game engine only to learn that that is impossible. Also some projects in gmod - like an admin mod and a few gamemode concepts.
Will you continue to code? Most likely. I am polishing more than one job-worthy skill, so I don’t know if I will go with programming.

What did you start out with? C++ in university 3 years ago. Decided to start playing with Lua last December.
How has it helped you? It got me into programming.
How far have you come as of yet? Made my own renderer in DX10, graduated from University with a degree in Computer Games Dev. Taking a break to better my snow accumulation demo before using it as a portfolio piece to apply for a job.
Any current projects/works? My demo mentioned above and my own gamemode.
Will you continue to code? Yeah, it’ll be my job hopefully.

What did you start out with:
I started out with making a crosshair because back when Fretta was new I was playing Laser Dance and I could barely see my crosshair because the sky was a light color and so was the crosshair.

How has it helped you:
It got me interested in learning how Lua works

How far have you come as of yet:
Not very far actually, I have gotten better, but I’m not too good at writing complex scripts.

Any current projects/works:
Well, my computer has broken so I can’t script any more right now, but I was working on a HUD.

Will you continuing coding:
Yes, but nothing major, I love making equations and doing lots of math with HUDs, but SEnts and SWeps are confusing. Maybe if I learn how it all works I’ll continue with larger things, but I plan on becoming an artist. However I think it’s a good idea to know how other things work, so if I were to make art for a game I’d know basically how the coders work so I will understand their limits and how to make the art work best for the game.

What did you start out with lua: I first started out with trying to hack life support (it didn’t work).
How has it helped you: It has opened up computer science as a career for me.
How far have you come as of yet: I have moved on past Lua and am now specializing in .net development with a focus on C# and Visual C++
Any current projects/works: A pixel game that I am working on with my friend (think falling-sand-game), a tool that will help re-organize my iTunes library (that place is sorely out of shape)
Will you continuing coding: Hopefully I can graduate with a degree in CS and then pursue coding as a paying job.
Other: Lua is weakly typed. This makes programing for it really prone to errors and all sorts of issues. If you want a good language, pick up a book on Java and download Eclipse. Java will make Lua look like crap in comparison.

Disagree. Lua is like any other language. To add, it’s also very well structured and doesn’t have a lot of restrictions that other languages have.