my building decays

Hey i build a house, everything was fine, wall doors, stairs and all that shit. and now its decaying, now only the foundation is left? why does this happen?

Because Unity has a collider (walls and shit, as far as it matters here) and once the server hits that limit, no one can build anything period. As a result, things begin decaying after a day. Using doors or campfires resets the decay timer, IIRC.

so its 50-80 players playing on a 500p server and its allready full? so now im fucked?, i placed doors and campfire but its still removed.

Someone posted this to one of my threads, which I found quite useful.

"All buildings’ “decay timer” will restart everytime a door is opened or closed on the structure.
The decay timer starts after:

8 Hours: Wooden shack
1 Day: Wooden structures
4 Days: Metal structures."

I also recently learned that you can actually heal your doors and structures, even at the same time as someone is attacking. For a wood door or building you’d put wood in your hotbar and hit that key while aiming at it. It willl say at the bottom of the screen when it heals, and how much…

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In other words, if you threw down one of those cheap shacks, and didn’t open the door for 8 hrs, it’s gone…

how does decay apply to wooden structures that do not have doors. IE a walkway or a stairway that does not have a door attached to it… and or does radiation effect structures by causeing damage?

Those would decay after a day. Foundations don’t expire if there’s a crafting table or something on the ground.