My cat

I lost my cat on an accident,we were gonna put him in a cage on a truck so he can move with us to another country and for some reason,he was gone when we were gonna put him there.
I went really sad,cause that cat was awesome,it always played with me and bothered me while playing games,but he was still awesome.
Could anybody make a simple cat model reskin?
It should be in gray with some mix of black all body,
belly is white,eyes are green,the ears are bit bigger and the tail is pretty hairy.

If someone could bother,i would appreciate.

Any pictures of said feline?

Sorry for bump,but i dont got any cameras that are working,and not even any kind of shit to upload them to USB’s
I had it when i was 12 years old until now :frowning:


Plus,i could draw an colour scheme of what i want it to look alike.
(sorry for english)

Ouch, losing a cat (or any pet for that matter) really hurts…

I’d LOVE to do this for ya, but without any references at all…what kind of cat?

Normal cat,it didn’t have a race at all.
Just some plain black and gray mix with green eyes.
White belly as usual
Thanks very much.


You could easily make a reskin of the Cat model at


rated you heart :slight_smile:


Please,if you can make the texture like,if you have material quality low you still see it like high or very high,cause i want it to look realistic.
Like,high poly or something.

Cats always have a breed…black and gray…hmm…tomcat? (that IS a valid breed as well as being the official designation for a male cat!)

With it being black and grey it could be any breed tbh, but I don’t remember tomcat being a breed @.@ (but it is the name for a male cat yes). I would go with it most likely being a tabby cat, as they are the most common breed.

you could look on google, and see if you could find a cat that looks close to what your cat looked like