My chili dog!!


This is just bad. I’m not sorry.

I think your being a little bit harsh, it really isn’t that bad. Posing is nice, idea is fine, just the angle could use a little work.

Anti-aliasing is bad/non-existant, bad lighting, bad angle, boring. Sorry mate, but if this was supposed to be funny, it’s really not.


Right, since what I said was douchey and unhelpful, add anti-aliasing in your options, then video tab, then advanced options. Use right click with the lamp tool to create a physical lamp. Place the lamp so it adds lighting to your subjects. To improve your angle, stand back from your subjects, then zoom in using the right mouse button. To add interest to the photo falls into the angle and lighting. At the minute it’s very static. If the image is supposed to be funny, then angles and lighting affect this.

Horrible. Nobody here likes post-genesis sonic, plus it’s a terrible pose. Your graphics are terrible, your camera tool setup is terrible, the posing is terrible, the pose is mismatched, the comedy is nonexistant.