My collected ideas about making Rust a want to play game!

As I mentioned in other topics already today. The only goal you really have in Rust is to get Kev, C4 and M4. If you are the first survivor on a wiped server you have nothing to fear. You can start farming day and night and with more or less luck you have your 3 goals in 15min to a few hours.

What I think the game needs are more threats from NPCs for example. You can run like 24/7 and faster then a wolve or bear in this game. I recommend: “Kids, dont try this at home!!!” That should be changed!
Maybe the red and normal wolves and bears could react to torchlight, flashlights and laserpointers directed to them at night and make your night a real nightmare, where you wish you had sth like the tent I read about in another thread. You can use the tent mobile like the sleeping bag and hide in it with place for a campfire and a sleeping bag in it. You may have to use the night phase to sleep like in real life to regenerate energy. Maybe you start to suffer from staying up 24/7 till you die without sleeping for a certain time.

Then in another thread I read about the idea of a radio, that you can tune in a frequency to spy other players from maybe a different party planning stuff. Or there would be an NPC military that would patrol in the city and along the roads, trying to deny you from the resources laing around you could here their transmissions coordinating her actions and sneak through them. The military should also be protecting the airdrops and you can use the radio to hear where the drop will land and you can coordinate your team to fight against the military NPCs and maybe have to get a key to open the droped packages you can find somewhere in the generals office.

One Idea I had myself is about the usage of tools and weapons. I like the fact that tools have a limited lifetime now. But it can be upgraded to be more realistic and exiting and less frustrating then crafting 20 hatchets a day. Maybe you would need certain tools for certain tasks. A pickaxe could ony break rocks efficient, to gather wood you need a hatchet. To get meat out of animals you will need a knife. All these tools will loose efficiency over time like you will need to sharpen your knife and hatchet on a grindstone from time to time to get more or faster material gathering out of it, till the material is so old that you have to replace it completely. If you don’t care for your tools they will break faster then if you sharpen and clean them. (My grandfather never needed a new hatchet after felling 5 trees with it!)
As like with sharpening the tools you can be forced to take care about your weapons. Military weapons can be used over decades if they are treated well in real life. You can integrate the need for you to clean your weapons and oil them to keep them in good shape. If you treat them bad they will jam in a crucial fight and you will die!

Also I find a lockpick in the game currently for no reason. I dont know what is planned with it, but I would like to see that you need train your skills with it to start opening the small wood boxes and after a while you will be able to get to the red, green and white boxes till you can access doors with it, which will require a lot of time to achieve.

I hope this game will develop to a n1 survival MMO with different parties you can choose to start with, the good or the bad if you want so, with classes or skilltrees you can follow and level up, so everybody in the party will get his role for the group nevertheless he can play 30 minutes a day or 15 hours.

One big thing to talk about in my oppinion are the Sleepers… Yes, in real life you will lay down in your house and sleep. But in reallife you will weak up if somebody blows your door off! So Sleepers are cool for raiders to get satisfaction ruining somebodys day, but not bringing the game into a more realistic level in any way.

Rust should work a bit like the Hardcore Mode in Minecraft. If you die, your state is completely lost, your base is gone etc. “Try again pls!” That would help alot against those careless gunner kids currently shooting on everything in sight. Lets make it clear: Its a survival game! It should simulate what will happen if you have to survive in the real world in that situation. And god would you be pissed if you recognize that you don’t respawn in your bed all time you die.

I think the developers are aware of the good ideas the community has, because at the current state Rust is not worth playing very much, because its just a new Counter-Strike with round end on Server wipe!

Let me hear your oppinion about my “stolen” and my own ideas. :smile:



Uhhhhh, yeah, the game’s not finished yet. There is very little to do right now, and that’s because the game’s at least a year, if not two, from release. Yes, I understand that this is why you are offering feedback, but understand that the reason the game has so little to do is not because the devs don’t know what to do, but that they have plans for what they want to do, but right now they’re building the foundation for everything else to be built on.

This means that adding new things is secondary to adding new systems and adding a small number of things that use that system for testing purposes. Like, item durability, combo doors, the new sky, and the new UI. Oh, and locked backpacks, which you don’t seem to know about.

Lockpicks are in the game because you now have a period of backpack protection after being killed, unless that’s disabled on the server you play on. If lockpicks and locked backpacks are enabled, you cannot kill someone and instantly loot their corpse on the spot without a lockpick, which is consumed with use. If you’d prefer to wait, you can camp the corpse for 15 minutes or however long backpack locking is set to now, and the backpack will “unlock” and just be lootable like any other container.

Regarding item durability, it was just added, and Rust as a whole is not balanced right now. I personally think that item durability will be buffed a lot in the future, but right now, I’m guessing things are set to break fast so we can find bugs in the durability system that much faster. If durability was increased by 10x, then that means it’ll take 10x as long (or more) to actually break the tool/weapon and test the durability code’s ability to handle that breaking tool properly.

I really doubt you’ll see Rust turn into an MMO with skill trees and class progression. Rust isn’t meant to be that. Read this blog post by garry to get an idea of what the devs are trying to do.

Also, Sleepers exist for an extremely important reason: Combat logging. Before sleepers were introduced, the forums were flooded with people complaining about bad sports just logging out if they were losing the fight. garry made it so that you continue bleeding for some seconds if you combat log while injured and bleeding, and you “sleep” on the ground, preventing sore losers from just disconnecting to avoid dying.

I really don’t think you’ll see true hardcore-mode everything-wipes, and here’s why. garry wants players to build and police their own towns*, which requires building teamwork from multiple people and human guards to keep intruders who don’t belong out. These towns and trading posts would not automagically be no-PVP zones, but they could be defined by the players who built them as no-PVP zones, punishable by being killed and banned from using the place again.

That’d be impossible if dying destroyed everything you built.

*Before anyone says it, the contents of the blog post refer to a number of things that aren’t possible right now, like setting traps around town and a large variety of shirt colours. The blog post is a vision for the future of Rust, so those things will get added in time. Unless the devs change their mind, of course.

i think that these points make sense but seem a bit to “copyrighted” to use

The only point I agree with you on is that item degradation could be improved.

I don’t want to be forced to sleep in game as I like the night time element to the game.

NPC military would be as bad as AI bots in any other game like CS:GO so should not be added, stick to the simple if enemy is in bite range it hurts you idea as it makes more sense a wolf/mutant would run at you where as Human AI would need to be very complex and I’m sure would fail to capture the random actions of a Human in a fire fight (All the ducking, weaving, hiding, rolling, retreating and such). The only other humans should be the player

Sleepers are great but you can find community servers with it disabled anyway if you don’t like it.

Lock picks are for looting backpacks on the few servers with it enabled and hopefully wont be made to work on doors no matter how long someone is on a server.

That last point kinda leads into the “I don’t think this game needs levels” comment. Sure its a multilayer game with large servers but the point is the immersible game play inst forced via systems such as leveling and skill trees. Your only level is your research and the amount of resources you have at your expense.

i agree man

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I know that it will take time to get new stuff in. I read about the new UI…

Thats nice to know. I played on like 10 different servers and never had anybody knowing what this thing does. It seemed to be like finding paper that I can’t use for anything on the servers? Maybe you can resolve the paper secret for me too? I played and heard about rust like 2 weeks ago, so I consider myself as an advanced noob…

I agree with you in that. Maybe I don’t find the right words to describe what I actually want to point out. I read the blog you posted and Garry saying: “I hate that. It’s not giving the players freedom. The players should decide how they play the game. […] Our job should be to give the players the tools they need. If you’re sick of getting killed – start a town. Build town walls. Give all the town members red clothes. Put warning signs up outside the town. Set up trip wires and alarms. Watch each others back.”
What if I want to be a trader, going from town to town trying to sell equipment for money and maybe even valuable information about other towns safety weakness. It should be visable to others in some ways, that I am just a trader. I would need a covered wagon or sth. in the game so I dont look like a normal surviver. I want to design my charakter with wild grown scruffy greasy hair and be the crazy one selling the information and enjoying a self owned status of immunity, because if I don’t life, your life would be a lot harder in the rust world not knowing who maybe trying to stand next to your bed soon.

If there would be introduced sth. like the Perks of the Killing Floor game where you play as a team and everybody plays his role and getting better in it while leveling the perk class.

It would give you as player the ability to be unique in the role you can bring in to help your group survive. If Garry wants me the player to be free, I need ways to present myself like I want to be seen. Visual and skillbased.

I hope you get a better Idea now what I am thinking about.

I agree with you, that idiots should not be able to bring their ‘ass’ out of danger while disconnecting during a combat. That really ruins everybodys game. But this can be solved easily by just making your sleeper disappear when you have been out of combat for a few minutes and you lay on your primary sleeping bag. That means you can have a primary sleeping bag in your base where you can log out safe and maybe still other secondary bags to spawn at after you died during a fight.

As I recognized during my playtime most clans playing on servers actually have a system of the guys, that like to build houses, the guys that like to farm or kill animals and the guys that like to make the time of fresh spawns hard by hunting human flesh.

So the problem is, you have guys that are very well equipped and have nothing build on the server besides their sleeping bag at their base. So they die, they get into their base, new kevlar, new M4 and go out and find the guy again that killed you.
If they would loose their sleeping bag at their base they would have to fight their way back to it before getting equipped again.

I know this is not the best solution ever because it would not work with the primary and sec sleepingbag idea I had earlier, but it is a part to think about and maybe it needs just a bit of development, tweaking and thoughts.

Maybe it will be just an option to set on your own server, like Hardcore on/off… As Garry said, everybody should decide…

As like the game is unfinished, I would like to see the ideas I brought in as unfinished. I just summed up some of the great stuff I found in the forum and made my own opinion about it. And common, it is not all that bad if you think about it. Please don’t see everything black and white, maybe my white is bad and black is bad too and a solution is in the middle, grey… :smile:


Really nobody looking into a topic twice and discuss the stuff a bit?