My Collection of work/projects


I’ve decided to compile all of my projects from game engines I’ve worked with into a nifty little collection for people to see!

Feel free to take a look around. Feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated.

(basically a portfolio i’m just too nervous to admit it)

Source Engine

Garry’s Mod

Prison Environment

A dull environment taking the form of a Prison Block, set somewhere outside a cityscape, This was a scenic test I worked on over the span of a few weeks

Team Fortress 2


My only released TF2 Map. I know, I know, it’s an ach_idle map, but it was a neat idea at the time, and I was quite happy with it for a while, until I remade it last year


An old TF2 Map I worked on for a while. Taking inspiration from ctf_haarp and ctf_2fort, I wanted to change the playstyle of the condensed, close quartered ctf layout



My first attempt of trying to make a prop for Garry’s Mod, It took 3 days of work and I managed to add basic collisions and textures

GameMaker Studio II

Six Feet Thunder - Genesis

(No, not based on the CoTN song i’ve heard that reference so much it hurts)

A project I started one day about making a Platformer/Endless Shooter where you “Euthanize Furries”

Project’s still under development thanks to it being a one man task

menu video


Bragging Time

An idea I had where you try and get a special screen by testing your luck against a Random Number Generator that has the same odds as Winning the Lottery

You can try it out Here

Source Engine 2: Electric Boogaloo


A small conservatory environment test made in Source 2. this was made with seeing how detailed things can be

Underground Tunnels

My first proper S2 project, based on compact underground tunnels, It was a test of Hammer’s toolsset to see how it fared from Source 1’s Toolset

d1_town_01 Remake

A remake of the beginning of Half life 2’s Ravenholm

de_school Remake

my most recent project, I decided to give the ever so classic de_school a Source 2 makeover, I’d say it looks très bien

Unreal 4


This is a puzzle game i made for my Colleges’ Final Major Project, It’s a small and rushed game, but I didn’t have much time to work on it properly

You can try it out Here

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