My computer turns off after about an hour of playing gmod

My computer turns off after about an hour of playing gmod. I am using a DELL inspiron 1525.
It happens with playing other games too.

It’s a RAM overload I think, I had the same thing going on, most advice to give is turn off other things like internet browsers and torrents if you have them up.

Good try, but no.

His PC is over heating, if this happens in other games too, it’s pretty obvious that it’s over heating.

Get a can of compressed air and blow the dust out of your PC, open up the case and blow all the dust out with the compressed air. Don’t use a vacuum as it can cause static, and quick death to your entire PC. Also make sure there is proper air flow around the PC and that it’s not taking in air from the heating vents in your house.

Bettter try, but no.

His PSU doesnt have enough power to power the PC.

Crikey… A dell? Not an ideal laptop for gaming. Is it over heating? Try freeing up some ram, there are several programs out there that do it.

I would try and get a program to log temperatures into a file. You could also try a more powerful charger, do you know the wattage of your current charger?