My computer turns off


I got a big problem when i try to play on your game, after launching i can play 30 minutes or more but randomly my computer crash. I have only small black screen and after my computer is stopped.
I tried with windows 7 but same problem and i tried reset my computer with windows 10 for try and same problem.

My config:

Graphic card:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

processor: Intel Core i5 3330 Cadencé à 3 GHz

Ram: 8 Go

operating system: Windows 10

motherboard: MSI H61M-P20 (G3) (MS-7788) 1.0

Thank you

  1. It’s likely that your system is overheating. I know that my video card heats like a bitch runnign Rust and I’ve had the system shut down on me because of that.

  2. putting your email address out in a forum like that is a terrible idea.

If you system is getting hot then clean it and put more fans in. I have a super overclocked 980 with 2-140s and 3-120s along with the 2 gpu fans and my gpu doesn’t even touch 60C running any game on ultra. Op you can install a 3rd party software that will tell you the gpu temps and if your crashing there will be a windows logfile saying what happened. There is free software called “whocrashed” will help you out.

msi need to be taken out back and shot. the last one i had lost the pin to the power plug twice… got it fixed via warranty the first time, then the second time they wanted $200 just to receive it, and then charge whatever costs it took to fix it despite me having never done anything unusual to it.

on that grounds alone i would blame the motherboard, overheating or even the power supply being dodgy.