My contraption dump

Well I have made a couple of contraptions lately, but they haven’t been enough to make a thread for each, so anyways here they are

First my TF2 heavy mechs

Second My Thunderhawk

and finally my unfinished fair ride

Other contraptions I have already posted before




Pod racer

and B-24


I can see the heavy mech’s bunghole.

Pretty cool stuff!

I like the mechs, people should build more with tf2 props(in moderation)

Pretty all of those are ass, except for the heavy mechs (providing they aren’t statues) and fair ride.

Nice stuff, i like the planes!

Holy shit, that harrier (AV-8B) is not blocky at all.

Very nice contraptions - wouldn’t mind takin’ a spin on that theme park ride!

Something is in the blockyness of thunderhawk that makes me like it quite a lot.

I know, me too! I actually went on a real one and thats why i built it in gmod

I am not angry or anything but your clock looks very similar to my clock.

I just figured a way to have it move slow enough to do accurate time.

I really like the TF2 Mech. Would go well with the TF2 tank I built a while back.

Perhaps valve should make an add-on with bigger maps and some stuff like these included?

For christ sake stop calling it GMod 11.

Yeah what he said ^

I needed a way to separate when the Game engine changed to the newer Ep1or2 version(I dont remember which). Garry called it 11, I call it 11. Shit broke after the change, shit was better after the change.