My contraptions.

Hello. On this thread i will show my contraptions.





Another buggy
Video with this buggy

Oh these are CUTE!
Nice detailing and your mechanical building seems up to par too.
Love em!

Hah good job. I like them all, especially the buggy cause it reminds me of the FU car.

The last “buggy” reminds me alot of Suzuki SJ :buddy:

great buggies

Noo :D. I wanted to do

But the Suzuki on my buggy, too, like. :smiley:

I think that’s just a modified SJ body tbh

All of them are nice :buddy: I like the blue buggy/jeep the most.

OP, I’d encourage you to post more. Good work.

Ok. I’ll try :wink:



Good job, I like them all :3

wow, nice job :smiley: that scooter looks fantastic!

dont give a fuck

Haha these are cool. Good job!

BT-2 looks nice. How fast can it go?

Very nice. Have an artistic

I limited the speed to 50km/h.

Someone has been playing world of tanks. Nice work, especially the BT-2