my copy of gmod my be broken

first off mt comp was broken and i recently got it fixed when i tried to launch gmod nothing happened i need help im about to just abandon the game

Just re-install it

or Verify Integrity of Game Cache

tried all 3 none worked

Did you pirate the game?

what are the specs?

Try deleting your \steam\steamapps[username]\garrysmod folder in that directory and garrysmod content.gcf under \steam\steamapps\

steam id’s spacemarine247 go check for youre self

Might just be me, but the OP reminds me of a wet candle…

Thats not a steam id, go into a game and enter status in the console. Copy paste the thing that says “Steam_0:1:#######” next your name. Then paste it in here

It IS a Steam ID. But it’s not a SteamID.

The space makes a difference. :v: