My creations of Garry"s Mod 13

im a noob I dun know how to post images
please help me I want to share my greatly posed creations with you all

So just tell me and this post will be remade into a piece of art
(or rename it “My creations on Garry’s Mod 13”)

You need to host them on some image host (like dropbox, filefront etc) and then put the direct link to the image (the one ending with .jpg, .png etc) into [noparse]

direct link here

direct link here

The first is the full sized imge, the second would be a thumbmail.

Or much easier, go to -> click upload image -> it will throw out your uploaded image and two urls. The image url and the url with


so that you can display them with forums. Simply click on the


, copy and paste it here. That’s pretty much it.

I don’t even know how to post a article or whatever. Let me know i’m new here.