My creepy mask, and a top hat

These are two items I have, and would have much use for a model of them. One of which is a truly bizarre and creepy mask which I bought at a store called “Ethnic Creations” and the other is an ordinary old top-hat. Here are some reference photos.

If possible I would prefer the mask didn’t have a strap. Thanks in advance.

Atari 2600,

on topic nice mask

I think there’s a top hat in the Fancy Model Pack.

I’ll go with that hat then, anyone able to do the mask?

theres a “creepy mask” too, though its turqoise

Mine has sentimental value, that’s why I want it modeled

I’ll be honest: that mask is not that creepy. Besides, if it has sentimental value, it would only really have sentimental value to you. When asking for a model, you aren’t trying to convince people that you want the model, you want to convince people that they want the model badly enough to make it for themselves. I find the best way to do that is cold, hard cash, but that’s just me.

3 years of trying and I believe you will find this statement very true. That’s why my request is up right now.