My crosshair has disappeared

well, today download a fix for the stun stick on garrys mod, and now, my crosshairs for the deafalt weapons have disappeared.

There is a console command ‘crosshair <number>’ but that dosent seem to do anything.

I have constantly been searching through my garrys mod folder and know if anyone knows something about this please say.

try delting waht ever it is you did and then try again…if all else fails…your doing it wrong…or you could try another version?

ok, will try that. i am considering just reinstalling garrys mod. my addons folder is full of crap. and that will have a 99% change of fixing it.

same here iv done the command and reinstalled gmod but still nothing its gotta be something i downloaded :frowning:

Mescool’s Swep pack does that! I’m sure of it but i don’t know how to fix the problem. Any ideas guys?

i have got the same shit, need help!
EDIT: I found a solution: delete mescool swep pack, and the crosshair will return