My crowbar is invisible

My crowbar is invisible, i have the material somehow (in the materials tool), the swep makes the sounds and bullet holes and everything, but NO FORM of the crowbar is visible (3rd person, Lua, crowbar mods, etc) how can i fix this? or could somebody just give my a copy of the file and where to put it? Thanks.

Edit: it works on normal HL2

I would suggest downloading a skin that includes a new model and material. Tell me if that works.

Such as? i cant find any. Theyre all reskins.

Look at FPSBanana, Download a reskin and see if it works. Also, There is a pipe model, try with that? Those are under HL2 not GMod btw.

is there a way i can get to my hl2 crowbar file and copy it to my gmod files?

Download GCFScape, Go to steamapps and open “source 2007 shared materials” or “source materials”. Inside there, go to hl2 -> materials -> models -> weapons and copy v_crowbar folder. Put the v_crowbar folder to garrysmod -> garrysmod -> materials -> models -> weapons.